Tuesday, August 10, 2010

College football notes.

Thoughts on the 2010 College Football Season:
Note #1:
First let’s deal with Boise State. It is hard not to admire what this team has done for CFB. Their 2007 Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma will go down as one of the greatest in the history of the game. The entertainment value of the hook and ladder and ole’ Statue of Liberty play is undeniable.
Beyond that, the Broncos (ranked 2nd preseason) will struggle against teams from elite conferences. Their hopes to bust the BCS this season may end early with a September 6th prime time game against Virginia Tech (ranked 8th preseason). In case you don’t remember BSU (ranked 19th preseason in 2005) was the sexy pick to upset Georgia (ranked 13th preseason) in the first game of the 2005 campaign.
Once the WAC team matched up on the field with an SEC team, the speed difference became obvious. Final score – UGA – 48; BSU – 13
Virginia Tech is rebuilding their defense, but has enough offensive weapons to challenge for the ACC title.
Prediction: VT – 30; BSU – 14.
If the Broncos get past the Hokies, they will not be challenged until the BCS title game where Alabama will make them wish they had lost to Va. Tech.
Note #2:
Ohio State (preseason #5) will struggle with Marshall on September 2 before getting crushed by Miami (preseason #19) on September 11.
Marshall named John “Doc” Holliday as the new Thundering Herd head coach last December. He is known as an outstanding recruiter and has installed the West Virginia spread. The Herd may not be ready to knock off a Big-10 power, but they will have enough to frustrate the Buckeyes. Remember Appalachian State vs. Michigan?
The annual Buckeye pity party will begin on September 12 after The ‘Canes harass Terrelle Pryor and force multiple turnovers. Miami has a future pro corner back in Brandon Harris and an NFL quality defensive end in Allen Bailey who will be too much to handle for a heavy footed Big-10 line.
After playing their two toughest opponents of the season OSU could run the table and the bias Midwest football fans will push for OSU to be considered for the BCS Championship Game.
Oh my gosh… please reference BCS Championship games for 2006 and 2007. Do we really need to watch yet another SEC team embarrass the boys from Columbus?

Note #3 -
A preseason #3 ranking for the Florida Gators seems high with the loss of Teabow and even heavier losses on the defense. Both defensive ends, one d-back and their middle line backer are in the pros, and not as gimmick freak show players.
The former Florida defenders were a huge reason behind the Gator success, but twinkle toes got all the glory.
Still, unless Urban Meyer resigns to move west and coach at Colorado just to be closer to his baby, the Gators will be the team to beat to climb atop the SEC East.
The article titled 10 questions surrounding Florida Football on GatorBait.net or Rivals describes the strength they have on the O-line and gives you an idea of the weapons in their arsenal.
October, as always, will be the key month of the season. Florida gets to travel to Tuscaloosa October 2nd then gets LSU in the Swamp October 9 and Mississippi State on the 16th. The annual border war is slated for the 30th.
Bama and LSU back to back will ding the armor, but will it do enough damage to bring them down to size?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Random Thoughts

Sorry we're behind on posting. Computer problems and weekend company.

#1 NCAA has told UGA they only want to talk to one player. Who can it be besides A.J.Green? If AJ lied about being at the party in Miami, there could be major trouble ahead for the Dogs. Mettenberger proved that Coach Richt doesn't like being lied to.

#2 UGA reports 1 week from today. Time to get ready. I recommend Phil Steele's college football magazine. Very informational.

#3 What will the Braves do about Nate McLouth? The guy is hitting worse than he was before he went to AAA. Worst uppercut swing ever.

#4 Finally in closing.... who besides me is glad that we don't have to listen to people fawn all over Tim Tebow? Going to be a nice preseason without having to hear all that.

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rogue Agents- Who's to blame?

So the agents are breaking the rules. Shocking. So who do we blame? The Head Coach? The NCAA? How about the NFL? They've got the greatest feeder minor league program without paying a penny to the colleges. The NFL Players Association has to certify all agents. Their director said on ESPN Radio this morning he would "put the hammer down" on any agent who breaks the rules. They can take away the agents license. No evidence of that so far.

39 states have passed the same law that an agent can be prosecuted if an agent makes illegal contact with a kid. Haven't seen that happen yet. (Bet it happens in Alabama first!!) Same law says then the school can turn around and sue the kid. (Watch out Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo.)

A rookie salary cap in the NFL would help solve some of these problems.

Please tell me some of your ideas to help solve the problem.

Trivia question still unanswered:

Name three Georgia Bulldog running backs that have played for the Denver Broncos.

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William said...
Terrell Davis, Cleveland Gary, Horace King

July 15, 2010 11:36 AM
The Georgia Sports Report said...
Cleveland Gary played six seasons in the NFL. In 1994 he was with the Dolphins. The 5 prior seasons he played for the Rams.

WRONG! William missed one!

July 16, 2010 5:58 AM
Kyle said...
Terrell Davis, Knowshon Moreno, Horace King

July 17, 2010 1:36 PM
The Georgia Sports Report said...
Horace King played nine seasons in the NFL. He totaled 2,081 yards on 549 carries and scored nine touchdown. Only he did all of that with Detroit.
Nice guess.

July 17, 2010 2:06 PM
lee said...
terrell, knowshon, herschel....(can't remember where all he landed after dallas, worth a guess)

July 18, 2010 11:41 AM
The Georgia Sports Report said...
No... not Herschel.

July 18, 2010 12:38 PM

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Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts this morning...

#1 Can you imagine being Bama LB Marcel Dareus? You get caught up in this agent investigation in Florida and Nick Saban calls you into the office? Frightening.

#2 SEC Media Days starts today in Hoover AL. Saban is there today. How many grown men are there for his autograph?

#3 Speaking of that, the Baltimore Ravens have instituted a policy in their training camp that only kids 6-18 can get autographs. Good idea?

#4 Just in case you didn't know, the Falcons are going to play the Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game in Jerry's World in January.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mack Brown...Overrated/Underachiever???

Jst watching the BCS Championship game. 18 seconds left in first half. Texas gives up Pick Six on shovel pass to go down 24-6 at half. How has he not won more Championships?? He's got access to more good player than anyone, Austin is a great town. I realize the competition in the Big 12 is weak but still....

Am I alone thinking this?? If not Mack Brown, then who???

Monday, July 19, 2010

Now are the Braves putting McLouth on the block?

The Braves are expected to activate Nate McLouth today and send Gregor Blanco back to the minors.
McLouth has been sidelined since he lost a collision contest with the J-Hey kid on June 9th. The former All-Star center-fielder was hitting just .176 when he was injured in the crash.
The Braves are obviously trying to trade McLouth, and they only have one week before the deadline to get a deal done. Otherwise, they would stick with Blanco who is hitting .310 in 35 games with the big club.
The team is reportedly looking at David DeJesus(.320 – 5 HR – 37 RBI) with the Royals, the Marlin’s Cody Ross (.279 – 7 HR – 46 RBI), Corey Hart (.295 – 22 HR – 70 RBI)of the Brewers, and Josh Willingham (.276 – 15 HR – 49 RBI)of the Nationals.
One name they won’t admit to, or cannot afford, is the power hitting Adam Dunn (.288 – 22 HR – 59 RBI) from Washington.
Dunn has publicly called for a trade and has expressed his admiration for Bobby Cox in the past. He can play left field or first base
So who would you like to see in center-field for the Braves?